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Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya - natural onsen hot spring hotel in Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture - close to Iwappara and Kandatsu Kogen

Echigo Yuzawa Natural onsen hot springs
Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya
Echigo Yuzawa
Natural onsen hot spring
Ski & Snowboard Tickets, Rental, Bus
Skiing and snowboarding   Many ski and snowboard resorts within easy reach
Iwappara Ski Resort
Kandatsu Kogen
Kandatsu Kogen
Yuzawa Nakazato
Yuzawa Nakazato
- Special lift tickets for Iwappara and Kandatsu Kogen ski resorts, as well as others nearby.
Special bus services to ski resorts are available.
Special ski lift tickets

 2016-2017 season prices

* The above special tickets can be purchased from the Front Desk after arrival.

* Please note that payment for ski lift tickets can only be made in cash.
  (sorry,credit cards cannot be used)

- Special limited lift 1 day lift tickets (2016-2017 season prices)
*Please make requests from 7:50am at the Front Desk. If more people request than the number of tikcets, they will be chosen by lottery. We keep your identification as guarantee.
Yuzawa Park1,000 yen (weekdays)
1,500 yen (weekends & holidays)
Limited to 10 tickets
Kandatsu Kogen1,000 yen (weekdays)
1,500 yen (weekends & holidays)
Limited to 10 tickets

- Ski Pack 1 day lift tickets (2016-2017 season prices)
*Please note that there may be changes or limited numbers of the following tickets
Iwappara & Joetsu Kokusai  
Yuzawa Park2,700 yenWeekends & holidays
2,000 yenWeekdays
Children: 1,300 yenWeekends & holidays
Children: 1,000 yenWeekdays
NASPA Ski Garden3,100 yenEvery day
Children: 2,300 yenEvery day
GALA Yuzawa3,100 yenEvery day
Children: 1,900 yenEvery day
Mitsumata Kagura Tashiro3,600 yenEvery day
Yuzawa Nakazato3,100 yenEvery day
Children: 1,600 yenEvery day
Kandatsu Kogen3,000 yenEvery day

Children: 2,000 yen

Every day



* Accommodation rates vary depending on the plan, number of days, number of guests and room type.
* Please check the plans, rates and room availability by clicking on Online Booking.



*Banquet room and plans also available separarely.


Major credit cards accepted

Ski & snowboard rental- 1 Day Rental Charges (8% consumption tax not included)

Ski set (skis, boots and poles)1,800 yen
Snowboard set (board and boots)1,800 yen
Wear top/bottom (ski or snowboard)1,800 yen
Skis only or snowboard only1,000 yen
Boots only (ski boots or snowboard boots)1,000 yen
Goggles, gloves and hats300 yen each




Bus services - Our hotel bus can take guests to Iwappara, Kandatsu Kogen and Yuzawa Park -

Please enquire about times with the driver.

The hotel buses are used for this service.

Iwappara - every hour (last 5pm)

Yuzawa Park - every hour on the half hour (last 4:30pm)

Please use the shuttle bus to return from Kandatsu Kogen


- Buses to Echigo Yuzawa Station for guests returning home (please make reservations at the Front Desk) -


From 8:10, at 10 past the hour and 40 past the hour - last bus at 6:40pm

Please allow enough time. There may be cases when the buses also stop at ski resorts.

*Buses may be delayed due to road and weather conditions at the time.

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus leaves from in front of the entrance of this hotel.
- Free shuttle bus timetable -

 Kandatsu KogenYuzawa NakazatoGALA Yuzawa
NASPA Ski Garden
Yuzawa Kogen
845 55   
945   11 
1045 20 11 
1145 30 11 
14 00 30 Leaving
15 00 50 
16 00 20 45*a 
17 00 15*b  

From 18th December until 10th April

From 18th December until 3rd April

*a (weekdays only)
*b (weekends and holidays only)

The GALA Yuzawa, NASPA Ski Garden and Yuzawa Kogen shuttle bus are operated jointly.


   Until 8th May

*Please note that the buses may be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.


Nearby ski and snowboard resorts